Baltic Control® is a global provider of technical verification, inspection, testing and conformity assessment services with more than four decades of experience. We benefit from the value of technical expertise and experience our company has acquired in many fields since its incorporation.

Baltic Control® offers a variety of Inspection services for materials and components, including semi-finished products and materials as well as mechanical and electrical components. Highly qualified inspectors, experts and surveyors look after our customer’s requirements, no matter where the vendors or places of inspection are located. Our focus is on all kinds of materials and products of relevance to industrial facilities and production.

The group is capable of conducting marine surveys and evaluating the types of risks associated with port and shipping related operations.

Baltic Control Ltd. is offering advisory services and inspection of all kinds of goods, commodities and equipment in diversified industrial arena across geographical boundaries. The complete range includes but not limited to:

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • Load/Discharge Supervision
  • Draught Survey
  • Post Landing Surveying
  • Sampling
  • Testing
  • On-Site Grading
  • Traceability Certification

Baltic Control® inspection certificates are recognized by state procurement agencies, international organizations, financial institution, traders association & chambers, ship owners, government organizations and NGOs throughout the world.

Baltic Control Ltd. is enlisted in Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda and other African countries to issue Certificates of Conformity.

We strive to ensure that inspections and test results comply fully with the product specifications and applicable local & international requirements.

We guarantee truly transparent, neutral and objective services to the benefit of our clients with continual access to experts and industry knowledge.

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