Oil & Petroleum

The Baltic Control group is present in all major importing and exporting countries and continents involved in trading of mineral oils and petrochemicals inclusive of industrial solvents, aromatics, saturated hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, plasticizers, chemical gases, synthetic oils and fats, ethers, amines, olefins, monomers, additives, carbonyls, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers.

Over time, we have accumulated comprehensive knowledge of and experience within this field and can thus offer competent, efficient services within the inspection of the following activities:

Our terminal inspection covers:

  • Basic inspection and sampling to determine the amount of cargo loaded onto ships and into shore tanks
  • Inspection of the vessel of loading or discharging
  • Inspection of lightering operations
  • Tank suitability and bunker inspections
  • Pipeline transport inspection
  • Testing of products such as crude oil, gas oil, natural gas, liquid oil gases, petrol, naphtha, jet engine fuel, kerosene and lubricating oil prior to and after transportation and storage
  • Measuring shore tanks, taking temperatures, testing samples to determine the degree of utilization etc.
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